When we creating any wireframes, we will need to be working with layout and with the content that you’ve previously curated. The idea of a wireframe – as a deliverable to a client, or just as an extra step you’d prefer to take – is to be able to display the visual layout and flow of a website page, before you get bogged down with the design details such as colour, typography or any other visual flairs.

After sketching, there is one final thing we work on before starting to design (although, admittedly, this is all part of designing). Wireframing is essentially a visual guide to a website which helps you to look at layout without thinking about the aesthetics of the project.
How a wireframe should look will vary wildly, depending on who you talk to. You have many options when creating wireframes – from the way you display your wireframes, to the software you create them with.

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Adobe Photoshop, illustrator

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