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Wireframes don’t have one definite type — they can be made in image editors, specialized wireframing tools, or even sketched on paper. Let’s look at the pros and cons of each now.

Paper — The most basic form of wireframes are essentially just more advanced sketches. When you want to explore multiple ideas before selecting the best one, you can wireframe them all on paper rather quickly, at the cost of visual accuracy.

We highly recommend turning your wireframe into a lo-fi prototype so that you can begin testing as soon as possible.
With the right platform, you can easily add interactivity, sometimes even just dragging and dropping. Even though it’s basic, slight interactivity on a lo-fi prototype can still help pinpoint usability issues early on, especially in broad categories like layout and navigation. Perfecting those areas, after all, is the point of wireframes.

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Adobe Photoshop, illustrator

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